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Welcome to St. Francis! Our website is an expression of our life! We invite you to explore who we are and what we live for.


By God’s grace we believe we have been called to proclaim Good News in Jesus Christ to all who hunger for wholeness, for forgiveness and for peace in themselves and in the world. By grace we try to live out that Good News in our daily lives and as a faith community within the wider church and the world.

We also believe wholeness, forgiveness and peace come to those who are freed from the fear of affirming their true sexual identity; to those who are struggling with the idea of sexual identity and homophobia, and to those who hunger for righteousness or for an earthly nourishing meal. Our God is the life and teachings of the flesh and blood Jesus Christ -- crucified and raised from death.

St Francis and St Clare window on south side of building

Focusing on the Gospel and our Lutheran tradition of grace; we work for justice -- especially, at this juncture in history, for sexual minority persons in both church and state.

Nevertheless, St. Francis is not a one-issue congregation. The hungry are fed on Sundays. Many 12-step groups assemble and bring healing within our building. We support, financially and by involvement, many community programs that care for and heal human beings. We support two missionaries in different parts of Africa.

Look us over. Then come and visit us. We think you'll find us an exciting, engaging and welcoming group of people. We are sure you will hear and see the Gospel. Sometimes, you will hear it in spite of us. If you think the pastoral staff can be of help, give us a call at (415) 621-2635, or contact us by email at stfrancissf at sbcglobal -dot- net. Thanks for looking us over.

The Rev. Dr. Robert Goldstein, Lead Pastor

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Last updated on 8/19/10