The St. Francis Lutheran Church Endowment is a ministry of St. Francis Lutheran Church through which members and friends can continue their contribution to the ministry of this congregation and its mission to the community and to the world.

The Endowment Fund Committee of the Church invests the Endowment's assets both prudently and with a view toward maximizing the return on investments so as to provide the monetary means for the support of the ministry of the Church. The Committee also accepts, reviews, and makes recommendations on applications for grants from the Endowment Fund. Final decision for disbursement is made by the Congregation Council, which is directly elected by the full Congregation.

The Endowment makes grants for:

the mission and ministry of the Church directly,

community (Bay Area) mission support,

national and global mission support, and

urgent needs.

Considerations for the approval of a grant request include but are not limited to the:

compatibility with and relevance to the Church's faith-based mission;

interests of the Church, such as religious, GLBT justice, and social issues;

impact of the grant, including whether matching funds are raised; and

context of all grants made during a given budget cycle.

The typical range of a grant is from $500 to $2,000.

Prior funding does not guarantee a future grant.

One-page grant applications are available here.

The Committee expects applications to be submitted in advance of its quarterly meetings. The meeting schedule is:




July 25, 2011

Aug 11, 2011

Aug 16, 2011

Oct 24, 2011

Nov 3, 2011

Nov 15, 2011

Last updated 7/7/2011