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We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) the largest Lutheran body in the U.S. Our worship is like that of most Lutheran churches in the country, though we use a wider range of sources for hymns and liturgical music than many, and we use gender-inclusive language throughout our worship service. Find out more about the way we worship.


11:00 a.m. Sunday morning: Holy Communion

A traditional liturgical mass with gender-inclusive language used throughout, and a Communion table open to everyone.

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More information

Read Luther's Small Catechism, the basic statement of beliefs studied by Lutherans.

Participating in the liturgy

It used to be that the liturgy was the private domain of the clergy. Those days, however, are long gone; and rightfully so. The liturgy is the work of the entire people of God. Whether you serve as a sacristan or a lector, crucifer or an assisting minister, your actions and words embody the Gospel and the prayers of the people.

Below are the descriptions of each worship participant.

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Assisting Minister

Hospitality is an important value of St. Francis, where we welcome everyone. All of us should join in greeting fellow worshipers, assisting others, and sharing the peace.

Three roles, however, are special to our Sunday worship service: usher/greeter, providing flowers and coffee hour host.

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Providing Flowers
Coffee Hour


There are five teams of ushers for the four Sundays of every month, plus a fifth Sunday team. The beauty of this concept is that participants usher only one Sunday a month. If a person will not be able to usher on the Sunday assigned, the rest of the team covers. The team leader should be informed so that other team members can be contacted so that there will be sufficient coverage. Below is the teams listing.

1st Sunday Brian Border
Chris Buchanan
Lawrence Mortensen
Timur Muhrlin
2nd Sunday Leona Lee
Dave Walda
Rose Woodvine
3rd Sunday Tom Metz
Janet Thuesen
Sarah Wells
4th Sunday Max Kirkeberg
Gabriel Proo
Eric Shifler
Carl Tebel
5th Sunday Gene Clark


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